Often users are faced with a system message that the memory on the disk space has run out. How do I clean up all the file garbage? DaisyDisk is a universal tool for cleaning the disk space of the device. The software was released in 2008 and has not lost popularity among users. The utility supports the Mac OS operating system. To download DaisyDisk for free from the official version, you can follow the link that is on our page.

Information about DaisyDisk

The software contains system settings that can be changed manually. All information about file garbage will be displayed using a pie chart, each sector of which will have its own color and a list of files that take up the most space in the disk space. The developers have taken a serious approach to providing technical support, so if the user has any questions or problems while working, the built-in hints will eliminate misunderstandings. 

Installing the utility

To download DaisyDisk to your computer or laptop, follow the link to our page. If desired, you can get acquainted with the information about the software. Next, click on the "Download" panel. The file package will be moved to the upper right corner of the monitor screen. As soon as the package download is finished, you need to click on the installation icon. The user will be asked to specify the installation path of the application. After that, the program will be loaded. All that remains is to connect the system to it and scan the data.

Use of software resources

In DaisyDisk, information on file garbage is displayed using a diagram showing the percentage ratio between free and occupied hardware space. If you navigate through the diagram, special lists will be displayed, where files that take up a large amount of memory will be indicated. If you click on any file, the information about it will be displayed in the explorer "Finder". Moving and displaying folders will be arranged in hierarchical systems in the upper right window.


So, we can conclude that the installation, as well as the use of the program, is easy and comfortable for all users of cleaning systems. The DaisyDisk application will help you add free disk space, clear the registry, and remove residual garbage after being on the Internet.